A Beginners Guide to Coconut Flour Pancakes

Coconut Flour Pancakes. Delish.

I love pancakes. More than that, I love making them. Even when I was growing up, I could never stand the “just add one egg” instant boxed stuff – even worse was the “just add 1Tbsp of water. (Imagine what they put in it!) If you’re like me, then you know that homemade, light, fluffy, pancakes made from scratch are the best way to go!


Mmm. So good.

Coconut flour pancakes is something I recently discovered. Being gluten-sensitive, I’m always on the lookout for healthier gluten-friendlier alternatives to my favorite recipes, so when I stumbled on the idea of coconut flour pancakes I knew I had a hit! Easy to make, healthy, and most importantly, delicious.

I’ve experimented with other gluten free flours for pancakes before, but these ones take the cake! – Or pancake. If you’re new to coconut flour and you haven’t tried making coconut flour pancakes or cooking/baking with coconut flour before, I highly suggest you read this short, simple guide before starting.

Coconut flour pancakes can sound daring and difficult, but I assure you; once you familiarize yourself with some simple basics, you’ll be making these tasty treats on a regular basis!

So, let’s get started.

How do you make the perfect coconut flour pancakes?

Well, it does takes some tweaking and hopefully, I’ve been able to do most of the experimenting for you! Although, don’t feel afraid to do a little of your own! It may take some time for you to find what flavors and textures you like best for your own coconut flour pancakes, but  I’m sure your belly will thank you for the end result.

Let’s start with coconut flour. 

A soft bowl of goodness.

This is of course the main essential for coconut flour pancakes. Coconut flour is made from coconut meat in which the liquids have been removed. The coconut meat is dried and finely ground into coconut flour. Generally, good quality coconut flour is very fine and soft. If you find yours a bit coarse or harder, don’t worry. Just put it in a blender or grinder for a couple of minutes until it’s a soft texture, otherwise you’ll risk grainy coconut flour pancakes.

How to Cook with Coconut Flour?

Unlike almond flour or other gluten free flours, you cannot substitute coconut flour at a 1:1 ratio in a recipe. Because of its high fiber content, coconut flour can be quite dense and you’ll need enough liquid in the form of eggs or milk, cream, etc., when making coconut flour pancakes or any other recipe with coconut flour. You can also use other things to increase moisture, such as zests (lemon, orange), flavorings, (mint, vanilla) chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, nuts, or fruits– which all taste amazing in coconut flour pancakes.

Not too shabby!

Not too shabby!

Coconut flour can sometimes stick together and get into clumps. When making regular pancakes it’s actually recommended that you leave some lumps in the batter, but for coconut flour pancakes, make sure to mix it well so its thoroughly incorporated with the other ingredients in batter. This will effect the texture and result of your pancakes.

For my coconut flour pancakes, I usually use 1/2 cup coconut flour :4 eggs + 1 cup of liquid.  In general for every 1 cup of coconut flour used, you will need about 6 eggs in addition to 1 cup of liquid. In baked goods, you would generally substitute 1 cup of flour in the written recipe with about 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup of coconut flour.

Rise my coconut flour pancakes, rise! (Fluffy please?)

Unlike other grain flours or some self-rising gluten free flours, coconut flour is quite dense and doesn’t have any natural rising agents.

Here are some tips to make your coconut flour pancakes rise:


Do it yourself “buttermilk”

Firstly, it’s buttermilk. I don’t use buttermilk in all my coconut flour pancakes, but if you want good ol’ fashioned light and tasty ones, buttermilk is the key. Now, although you can buy already made buttermilk, I prefer to make it myself. I usually do 1 cup of milk: 1.5 Tbsp of lemon OR 1 Tbsp of red wine /distilled vinegar (I do not use balsamic vinegar because I’m afraid it will make my coconut flour pancakes taste weird, but if you try it let me know!). The ratio is the same just depending on how much liquid you will use.

Secondly, (and this step I do in all my coconut flour pancake recipes) is to separate the egg whites and whip them slightly stiff or into peaks before adding them to the batter. The first time I made coconut flour pancakes, I didn’t do this. The result wasn’t so bad–they still tasted good, but they weren’t up to fluffy standards. So while I don’t doubt that you could make great tasting coconut flour pancakes without this step, for me it’s a fluffiness must!

Lastly, you’ll need a leavening agent to help the coconut flour pancakes rise, such as baking powder or baking soda. I use a double-acting gluten free baking powder from Bob’s Red Mill. If you don’t have baking powder, you can use baking soda. The ratio of baking powder to baking soda is 3 tsp baking powder: 1 tsp of baking soda.

Cooking Techniques:

Rule #1? Never rush a pancake. Pancakes are best cooked on low to medium heat. I’ve seen people rush pancakes and end up burning the lot of them. For coconut flour pancakes, it’s especially important that you have a low to medium flame when you cook them, they tend to burn easily, so keep a close watch.

Coconut flour pancakes are also better cooked in a smaller size. If they are too large it will be hard to flip and they may fall apart. I usually cook them using a 1/4 – 1/2 size cup to scoop the batter into the pan. If you have a large pan you can cook up to 3 or 4 at a time, this is good if you want to save time.

Another must-have is a non stick pan. Please. Do not cook these without one. Coconut flour pancakes are quite delicate, and if you don’t want to waste batter and time, cook them in a non stick pan. Also, make sure you grease your pan adequately, I use coconut oil to fry mine, but you can use any kind of oil or butter that doesn’t burn easily. However, I would recommend against using olive oil as it tends to heat up too fast and will give the pancakes a funny taste.

Why coconut flour pancakes?

Well, why not? Even if you aren’t gluten-sensitive, or cutting back on the grains, coconut flour pancakes have so many benefits!

  • It’s low carb, gluten-free, grain-free and even dairy free. But even if you are not on a gluten-free or whole foods diet, coconut flour pancakes are still something worth trying!
  • It’s high in fiber and protein, making it quite filling. The recipes for coconut flour pancakes are actually pretty dense, so you don’t feel like you need to eat as much, compared to the other empty-calorie flours.
  •  It’s cheaper compared to cooking with other nut flours. Most low-carb, “something-free”, organic alternatives to wheat or grains can be expensive, and frankly, unless they have artificial flavorings or enhancers, don’t taste that good. Coconut flour pancakes always taste terrific!
  • It’s calorie friendly. Coconut flour pancakes are extremely low calorie compared to other pancakes. Actually, since our bodies do not digest dietary fiber, we don’t derive any calories from the coconut flour in itself, meaning you could eat as much coconut flour as you want without worrying about your weight!
  • Coconut flour pancakes are a wonderful alternative for those who want to cut down on sugar, and control their high blood pressure. Blood sugar is an important factor for anyone who is concerned about being healthy, as high blood sugar is linked to heart disease, hypoglycemia, obesity, and diabetes. Dietary fiber, and especially coconut fiber has been shown to be extremely effective in slowing down the body’s sugar absorption and moderating blood sugar and insulin levels. Coconut flour pancakes are high in healthy fibers, and as long as you’re not dousing them in maple syrup, they can be a safer and scrumptious alternative to regular pancakes.
  • Coconut flour pancakes are easy and taste amazing! I said that already, didn’t I? Well, it’s a reason. A good one.


Well, there you have it, all you’ll ever need to know about coconut flour pancakes!

Are you still here? Because if you are, you’re in the wrong place! Check out these simple coconut flour pancakes recipes and satisfy your cravings now!

C’mon, Get cooking!